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Last night, Mark and I decided that I wanted to go on a road trip. After bringing this up with some friends, we talked about places close by such as Niagra Falls, but it developed into a plan to drive to Mt. Rushmore on Friday night and come back in time for our finals on Monday morning. That is a 28 hour, 1 minute trip one way. Mark dropped out immediatly.

Now it was going to be Briggs, Gurman, Sean, and I.

We decided that it would be impossible to do this, so we decided we would drive to St. Louis and come back. That is an 18 hour trip one way. The trip would be Myself, Briggs, Sean, Gurman, and Danny, who wasn't there, but we called him and told him he was coming. We weren't going to leave until 2am though, which would make us get there at 8pm Saturday night. Briggs shortly dropped out after because he put it in his away message and his brother told his parents who wanted nothing of it. When Danny got back from New York at like 9, we told him he was coming to St. Louis and he was extremely confused by it and said he wasn't going to go, but we knew we could make him.

After all of this, we decided that we should go somewhere to see the sunrise because we didn't think that Sean would drive to St. Lous, and we thought of Mt. Washington. At this point, Gurman dropped out because he realized he was having friends up on Saturday night. At 2am, Sean showed up in our room and asked if we were ready to go to St. Louis. We then flipped a coin about if we would go to St. Louis (tails) or Mt. Washington (heads). It was heads...

Sean, Danny, and I left immediatly after this and drove four hours to New Hampshire to see the sunrise on the way and we got to this cabin that Sean used to go to when he was in high school. We also climbed up a fire tower and saw a beautiful view of mountains. After that, we continued another hour to Mt. Washington, which we got to at around 9am and then we started to hike it with just jeans and sneakers on, when we could see that there were people who were hiking in heavy duty clothing and poles. We were not afraid. Actually, Danny was.

It took about two hours to get up to the lodge close to the top of the mountain, and we were advised not to go to the summit becuause it was very dangerous that day with falling ice / falling bodies. Therefore, although Danny didn't want to, we continued up about another half hour to the "bowl" of the mountian where people would climb and ski down from. It was also a somewhat dangerous place to go because under the snow there were parts that were fifty feet deep and you could fall to your death. We took some pictures and climbed down.

You would have to be there to realize how funny it was to see Danny hike for his first time and get hurt so much.

We got extremely wet and muddy on the hour and a half hike down to the base lodge, and then we drove home in our boxer shorts with blankets over us since we brought basically no other clothing to wear.

We got back to UMASS at 5:53, which was exactly 13 hours after we left. I still haven't slept.

I loved every minute of it.

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